Basic Website Hosting   R65 per month

Our basic website hosting package is our "no-frills" package, designed to meet the needs of clients who already have an email address and do not want an additional, domain-based email address and who do not need a database. Although we strongly recommend that you do use an email, many clients prefer not to and, as we say, at Web Inn the dog wags the tail.

The diskspace allocation is the same as for our Bronze hosting package and the discounted rate that we offer on this package is purely because of the reduced need for support (about 99% of our support is related to assisting clients with setting up and managing their email accounts or databases). This package passes that saving directly to you.

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Parked domainsUnlimited    subject to diskspace and bandwidth allocations
Sub-domainsUnlimited   subject to diskspace and bandwidth allocations

Client Support and Value Added Services
Telephone support
Email support
Support Tickets
Online billing centre
Discounted ratesExisting clients enjoy discounted rates on various products and services

Site Management
Control PanelCpanel - manage all aspects of your website
Frontpage ExtensionsFull Frontpage support by default
html site editorBuild and edit your site with limited knowledge
Inbuilt FTPNo need for an ftp programme. Create pages on the fly
Backup managerEasily backup your site and database before making changes.
Custom error pagesReplace the usual ugly "this page cannot be found" message
Hotlink protectorStop others from stealing your bandwidth
Redirect managerAutomatically redirect visitors if you change page names
MIME typesDefine your own additional MIME types
Apache type handlersDefine your own additional Apache type handlers
SSL managementGenerate ssl certificates, signing requests, and keys
Cgi bin accessCreate and use your own custom cgi scripts
Password protect directoriesCreate protected areas with password-based access

Statistics and Usage
Raw logs
Analog Stats
Last Visitors Stats
Detailed subdomain Stats
Bandwidth Stats
Error Log
Raw Access Logs
Disk usage viewer

Databases - Only available on Bronze hosting and higher

Mail Features - Only available on Bronze hosting and higher

Free Functions and Pre-installed Scripts - Only available on Bronze hosting and higher

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If you're not sure of all the web terminology and jargon, why not have a quick read through our basic web glossary before you get going.

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