mobi website developmentAre you capturing the growing market of internet users who are using smartphones and other mobile devices to navigate the web?

With our mobi website design services you do NOT replace your existing website, but rather have a second website that has been especially designed for mobile devices.

Mobi websites look silly and a bit 'lost' on a normal computer or laptop. Similarly, a normal website can be a bit clumsy and hard to read on a mobile device. In addition to this, mobile users need a simpler, more streamlined site which loads much faster than a standard website would.

With our solution, you get the best of both worlds without having to market a variety of websites or make your users jump through hoops. It is totally seamless, totally affordable and a simple 2-step process.

Step One

The first step is to register a .mobi domain. This gives you maximum exposure and flexibility with search engines for marketing the site specifically to mobile users, while your normal site continues to market specifically to PC/laptop/iPad users.

Step Two

Have your mobile site developed and available to all users of mobile devices.

  1. We will also provide you with a QR code to use on your business cards and marketing materials. - That's the little 'picture' that users can scan onto their phone to reach your site instantly (shown right).
  2. We submit your new mobile site to the Google mobile database to ensure that it gets found as fast as possible.
  3. We add a code to your main website to identify what device your visitor is using. This code then automatically directs them to the version that shows your offering at its best advantage.
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Examples of previous mobi websites which we have developed:

(Scan the QR code to view them directly on your mobile phone)

Here is an example of the user experience of one of our mobi websites. It demonstrates the four key segments of a mobi site:
  1. Header / Logo
  2. Navigation
  3. Content
  4. Contact details

When developing a mobi website there are a few things to be borne in mind. Because your user is viewing your site on a small screen with a less consistent connection:

  • Your font should be large and clear. Aside from the logo plain text is used to keep the user experience as uniform as possible
  • Only the essential information is included
  • Only a few key images are recommended
  • Navigation should be simple and user-friendly
  • The contact details should be readily available
  • The site should load as fast as possible
The website should be attractive but concise with a simple design.


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If you're not sure of all the web terminology and jargon, why not have a quick read through our basic web glossary before you get going.

*According to Internet Access in South Africa 2012 study as conducted by World Wide Worx



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