We have tried to outline everything that you need to know about our website development terms of service and we have made every effort to do this without getting into confusing "legal speak". Please read through all of it to ensure that you know and understand all the terms. If you are unclear on anything, please don't hesitate to contact us by email or telephone.

Site Design and Development - Static Websites

  1. Every quotation that we submit is valid for 30 days and is static within this period. If we happen to make a mistake and under-quote, we take the loss. The client will never pay more than was originally agreed for the service that was originally agreed, which is why we stipulate certain further terms and conditions.

  2. The quotation incorporates all items covered in the client's proposal/quote, excluding any subsequent material amendments to the original mandate. Additional amendments thereafter can incur additional costs. This does not include basic tweaking or minor changes that are required to achieve the desired "polish" on the site, which forms part of the original quotation.

  3. Should the client not be happy with the design of the site (aesthetics and layout), any changes/ amendments/ alterations that are required to achieve the design that the client is happy with will bare no additional cost, provided that these do not constitute a major amendment to the original mandate, in which case additional costs will most likely be incurred.

  4. In the unlikely event that the client had to dislike the entire site where no actual design was provided by the client at the outset, we would do a complete custom redesign at no extra cost. Provided that we have followed the client's design specifications, this is limited to one redesign. However, if the site is still not satisfactory because the client changed the requirements, the second redesign would bear an additional cost to the client.

  5. Specific exceptions in terms of amendments covered in the above points are:
    • Where the client has provided the design and Web Inn has sucessfully replicated this design, but the client then changes their mind and wants a different design to the one provided.
    • Where the client has already accepted the final result and the final invoice has been raised, but the client then changes their mind about what they want and this change constitutes a material amendment.

  6. The client's quotation is of necessity based on various assumptions, which, if proven incorrect, may need the quotation to be revised. In such an event the quotation automatically becomes null and void and subject to a new quotation.

    Assumptions are as follows:

    • All content and required graphics will be provided by the client unless otherwise agreed in writing.

    • Copywriting (and copy typing) is not included in the site design fee, except to the extent of basic editing. Please note that this is not the same as copyright (ownership), which vests with the client as soon as full payment has been received.

    • Graphics provided by the client will be of high quality and usable, failing which delays in timing and/or additional costs may come into effect, for which Web Inn may not be held liable in any way

    • Any time periods quoted assume no delays caused by the client and may be extended to take account of any such delays.

  7. Once the concept has been created, this would be uploaded to a private area on the internet so that the overall look, feel and effect can be reviewed by the client. All tweaking and refining would be shown at this hidden address until the site is approved by the client, at which point final upload will be to the client's domain.

  8. A 50% deposit is payable as confirmation of order prior to commencement, with the balance payable within 5 days of completion.

  9. Deposits are not refundable once work has commenced on the site or if the project is cancelled after 36 hours of payment of the deposit.

  10. Completion date is taken to be no longer than 15 working days after initial upload, or upon final approval by the client, whichever period is the shorter.

  11. The client is afforded an additional 5 working days after final upload as a final proofing period for critique and amendments. All required amendments that are communicated to us within this period form part of the original quotation. Amendments required after this period would bear an additional cost.

  12. All interactive and dynamic functionality on an html website is backed by 100% guarantee and unlimited support for a period of 1 month after final upload, subject to the following:

    • If the site is not hosted on our servers, the onus is on the client to provide us with the relevant server specifications, prior to commencement of the website being built. Should the client fail to provide such specifications and any feature or function on the website fails to work properly because of incompatibility with the client's server, the client will be liable for any fees associated with related redevelopment time.

    • If the site is not hosted on our servers, our guarantee does not cover any problems caused by server faults, hacking attempts, security breaches, server upgrades, server software or configuration changes, or user-created problems. An additional fee would be charged for any related fixes.

    • If the site is hosted on our servers and managed by us, the guarantee covers all contingencies. Where a problem arises due to a user-created problem, the site/function can be restored from our most recent backup.

Ownership of all websites or software that we create vests with Web Inn and therefore remains the property of Web Inn until such time as full payment has been received.
Once full payment has been received, all copyright and full ownership passes to the client.
Should the client abort the project or default on payment, Web Inn reserves the right to rebrand, adapt and sell the website or software to a third-party in order to defray expenses.

Web Inn reserves the right to alter or amend these and all other terms and conditions at any time and without warning.
The terms stipulated on this website will always be the current applicable terms and will supercede the terms in any download document.
Should Web Inn at any time not enforce any of the above for any reason, this does not in any way preclude us from enforcing any or all of the above terms at any time.


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